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someone who likes all your Instagram pictures and gives you shoutouts and acts like Yall a couple over instagram
Dang who this girl liking all ya pics on IG?

That's my Instagram Bae
CrisTheGarza tərəfindən 25 Dekabr 2015
Dek 26
A girl calling her man daddy like "Fuck me daddy"
-"I love when she calls me daddy"
-"Oh, you mean daddy talk?"
idk idk idk idk idk idk tərəfindən 25 Dekabr 2015
Dek 25
Being Single
I Am Forever Alone.
FOREVER ALONE tərəfindən 16 Yanvar 2011
Dek 24
n. One who texts while walking, usually unaware of their surroundings.
John spilled hot coffee all over himself when the petextrian ahead of him stopped short.
gnemo tərəfindən 16 Noyabr 2009
Dek 23
To be cockslapped by a man with a large penis.
'Shit that teenage mum just got schlonged by that hobo!'
Maximus Aurelius tərəfindən 28 May 2009
Dek 20
Acquired during the deepest stages of a much-needed restful night; when you're so sleep, you sleep through alarms, often with mouth ajar, face planted against the sheets.
I tried to wake you up in time for the bus but you were in a deep ugly sleep. I couldn't bring myself to interrupt
Dante_ck tərəfindən 11 Dekabr 2015
Dek 19
Someone who has money, but goes around complaining how they don't have enough cash to pay their bills or buy food,
she has a spit shined brand new lexus in the driveway, so i dont want to hear her poormouthing herself when its time to pay her rent.
groomergirl tərəfindən 10 Dekabr 2015
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