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85 definitions by Billebllunt


1. A rarely accomplished feat, Mr. Peanut is slang for the sexual act of a man receiving oral sex from female tapdancer with glasses. When the man is ready to ejaculate, he withdraws from her mouth and presses the tip of his penis firmly against the outside of her glasses on one side only. He then proceeds to spooge heavily and completely covers one side of the glasses in a milky white film. To seal the deal, he must then cock one leg over her and take a dump filled with peanuts on her stomach, thus giving her the appearance of Mr. Peanut.
"I didn't care much for the performance, but that Mr Peanut I gave her after the show was awesome."
billebllunt tərəfindən 09 Dekabr 2013

1. When a woman has a yeast infection with crowd dispersing aroma and pubic hair resembling the dreadlocks of Marshawn Lynch.
"After the game, we got through the crowd pretty quickly. It's a good thing my girlfriend was in yeast mode."
billebllunt tərəfindən 09 Dekabr 2013

1. A term used to describe the person or sexual act of an ambidextrous man masturbating while wearing white gloves and using a wide array of implements, including, but not limited to: binoculars, roller skates, trench coats, handcuffs, magnifying glasses, springs, magnets, skis, sirens or a lasso necktie for added erotic asphyxiation. Sometimes, a dog or a small child maybe involved.
"You've got to have a really private place and a lot of time on your hands if you want to Inspector Gadget like me."
billebllunt tərəfindən 09 Dekabr 2013

1. The sexual act of a woman taking 3 loads in her ass and then shoving a carrot up there. Followed by a rabbit.
Tom & Dick: "We found an old carrot."
Harry: "And I've got a rabbit!"

"And when they shoved it up her ass, she began to prance around, Frosty the Snowman."
billebllunt tərəfindən 08 Dekabr 2013

plinko(ed), plinko(ing)

1. When an item, usually dropped by mistake, takes an unusual amount of bounces or an unusually long roll.
"I watched my last casino chip plinko down the steps and through a crack in the boardwalk."
billebllunt tərəfindən 12 May 2014

1. A portmanteau of the words "spontaneous" and "anus", it's a term used to describe shitting your pants suddenly and without warning.
"Please stand back, I just ate a hot mayonnaise sandwich and it might get spontanus up in here."
billebllunt tərəfindən 12 Fevral 2014

1. A term used to the describe the resulting hairstyle of a bukkake with at least a 5 man to 1 woman ratio. This can only occur when all of the men ejaculate simultaneously into the womans hair and then take turns slapping the back of her head so that when it dries, she resembles the lead singer from Flock of Seagulls.

2. The "There's Something About Mary" Cameron Diaz cum flip hairstyle multiplied by greater than or equal to a factor of 5.

3. Any patch of body hair with a cum crest.
"Surgeon Generals Warning: Studies show that too many flock of seagulls could result in permanent hair loss in women."
billebllunt tərəfindən 19 Yanvar 2014