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3 definitions by Clan {DAN}

Too "accidentally" penetrate the asshole during intercourse by pulling out of the vagina and entering the asshole without breaking the rhythm.
Reid and Jen were boning and he whoopsed her.
Clan {DAN} tərəfindən 04 İyun 2005
one of the most disturbing images ever
google it and you will understand
i saw the tubgirl and vomited
Clan {DAN} tərəfindən 04 İyun 2005
acronym describing a person who from afar appears to be attractive but upon closer inspection is rather ugly.
Good At Distance, Not Up Close
I thought I saw a hottie walking in the park, but when she got closer, I could tell she was a GADNUC
Clan {DAN} tərəfindən 04 İyun 2005