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4 definitions by David S

A period of time spanning twelve years.
I'll have to wait a whole Chinese decade before it's the year of the Dragon again!
David S tərəfindən 16 May 2006
1. A gesture of confirmation.
2. Another way of saying "okay".
3. In good condition.
Used by Mr. Saturn in the SNES game Earthbound.

Can you get me that book over there?

"Are you kay-o?"
David S tərəfindən 17 May 2006
v. The plunging of a cascading scrotum into one's mouth.
Hey faggot, I just gave your mom a teabag!
David S tərəfindən 10 Aprel 2003
Opposite of Yid - jewish version of racist remark
My daughter is never going out with a yoc
david s tərəfindən 14 İyul 2003