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A Northeastern state that has only one major city (Wilmington) and its capital is Dover. Famous for no sales tax, Delaware comes alive during the Christmas season with people from neighboring New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland looking for deals on items. Its main shopping malls in the north of the state are Christiana Mall, Concord Mall, and the Tri-State Mall. Cost of living is high, since the state needs to make revenue somehow (no sales tax really hurts). It is connected to New Jersey by the Delaware Memorial Bridge and the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. Being near Philadelphia, Ocean City (MD), and Baltimore makes any nightlife in the state useless, as people will travel to those centers in search of entertainment. Even though it's the second smallest state in the Union, the northern half is extremely crowded. Despite its tiny area, it is a major link to the rest from the Northeast to the South, since I-95 runs though the northern half, and the New Jersey Turnpike ends at the foot of the Delaware Memorial Bridge.
I'm going to Delaware to buy some cheap clothes for Christmas.
Eagles Fan In Tampa tərəfindən 12 Dekabr 2003
The southern most state in the Continental US. People who live there range from hot girls in thongs to old geriatric patients. Anyone can get a drivers license in Florida; they come in cereal boxes as surprises. The education sucks there, while taxes keep rising. The main attractions are Walt Di$ney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Miami, Key West, and Panama Beach, although most Floridians have no idea they have a panhandle, let alone a city named Panama. Ask any Floridan what the capital is, and most will say Miami, thanks to the wonderful education system. Florida is also home to some of the best beaches in the East. What Florida lacks in social skills, it more than makes up in social life, as the clubs and beaches are filled with georgeous women (and men, if that's your preference) who know how to party, with or without others. Although Florida is technically a "Southern" state, it is very liberal in its thinking in the major metropolitan areas. Those centers allow for openly gay relationships, interracial dating, and other things the "South" traditionally stands against. However, away from those metro areas, the people become even less educated than the others and the true "Southern" mentality comes out. Very conservative in their own right, centers like Ocala and Lake City have very high majority rednecks. As a whole, however, despite its flaws, Florida is, and will always be, America's favorite place to migrate.
Coming from New Jersey, people from Florida say the drivers are bad there. However, even though it rains all the time in the summer, people from the "Sunshine State" STILL have no idea how to drive in a drizzle. I'm very glad it doesn't snow in St. Pete, cause I would NEVER drive down here then!
Eagles Fan In Tampa tərəfindən 11 Dekabr 2003
Location in New Brunswick, New Jersey that serves sandwiches that constitute meals-on-a-roll. Most famous example is a "Fat Bitch," which consists of chicken fingers, french fries, cheesesteak, mozzerella sticks, ketchup, lettuce, and mayo. If one is able to eat five of these sandwiches in 10 minutes, that person can have a sandwich named after him/her and create it however they wish.
When visiting my friend, I always go to the grease trucks to eat.
Eagles Fan In Tampa tərəfindən 11 Dekabr 2003
Important link in the Northeast megalopolis from Boston to Richmond. Highly regarded as "one of the worst roads in America," but it gets its bad rap only from the very northern section, whereas the section from Exit 12 and south is clean and less congested. Only freeway link from New York City to Baltimore, so many use the NJTP as a through route. This is why New Jersey has a bad image, since the REAL New Jersey is away from the Turnpike in the form of beautiful beaches, historic towns, and vast farmland (despite being the most densely populated state in the Union). This highway is also called the "New Jersey Speedway" since police will not stop you unless you're going above 80 MPH.
I once took the New Jersey Turnpike to New York, but when I got there, I asked myself, "Why waste my time in that shithole?" and turned around to go to Philadelphia instead for a cheesesteak.
Eagles Fan In Tampa tərəfindən 11 Dekabr 2003
A city (not a county) in New Jersey that is located off Exit 9 of the New Jersey Turnpike. Home of Rutgers University, it receives little attention for being the midway point between New York and Philadelphia, but his home to the locally famous grease trucks which have perfected putting an entire meal on one sandwich.
On the way from Philly to New York, I stopped in New Brunswick for a "fat bitch" cause I was starving.
Eagles Fan In Tampa tərəfindən 11 Dekabr 2003
A freeway (carrying I-76) from the Walt Whitman Bridge to King of Prussia that is congested, obsolete, and dangerous. Also, any stretch of highway where the speed limit is used more as a "minimal" speed as opposed to a maximum and has tight hairpin curves that people try to imitate Mario Andretti on.
Once on the Schuylkill Expressway, I saw an accident in the middle lane (guy was cut-off), but people drove around him at high speeds like it was more of a road cone than a distressed motorist.
Eagles Fan In Tampa tərəfindən 11 Dekabr 2003
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