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32 definitions by Jono

someone who likes it up the ass
mty teacher Mr Douce is a back door bandit
jono tərəfindən 07 Sentyabr 2003
29 18
An abnormally small penis.
Tyler always went red with embarassment in the locker rooms with the other guys because of his maugle, which was proportionately bigger then his testicles.
Jono tərəfindən 20 Dekabr 2004
25 15
an actor in the movie 'orgazmo' created by the guys from southpark, is a parody of the pron industry and includes both matt stone, trey parker and also includes porn legend ron jeromie
"its orgazmo and CHODOBOY"
jono tərəfindən 06 Fevral 2004
8 0
when you fart and poo comes out a bit only to be re-inserted by the sphincter
stop spackling rachael its really annoying
JONO tərəfindən 16 İyun 2004
11 7
Use exactly as fart
Origins: Yiddish/Polish/Eastern European.
Have you prunched again?
Jono tərəfindən 27 Mart 2005
3 1
another name for a disabled persons parking permit ie: spackbadge, owned by a spack, which permits them to park wherever the fuck they want, but the spack wud be betta off parking it on a cliff edge and gettin a push(if the owner is a retard)
derek:oy, uve left ur spackbadge in my car!!! fukin or8 this, park where i fukin want!
owner of spackbadge ie the spack:wen ur bak down my way, i want it bak!
derek:fuck off ya spack
jono tərəfindən 06 Yanvar 2004
5 3
no you cant put it in you smelly fk
hey jono cipii?
jono tərəfindən 17 İyun 2006
2 1