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107 definitions by Julie

Formal/medical term for the male genitalia.
See dick, penis, cock and tool.
The man's phallus was crooked because he tried to fuck a goat sideways.
Julie tərəfindən 18 Noyabr 2003
heroin chic skinny guitarist for the strokes.
has nice hair.
nick valensi
has nice hair.
julie tərəfindən 01 Oktyabr 2003
A tattoo on the lower back (or small of the back) of a promiscuous female so that her one night stand has something to look at while slamming her from behind.
"This girl I was hittin' doggy style had this whore tattoo of butterflies and thorns above her ass."
Julie tərəfindən 21 Mart 2004
Founding member of Sonic youth
Thurston Moore eats skippy peanut butter when he's angry
julie tərəfindən 14 Oktyabr 2003
Sean Faris:one sexy actor that has appeared on Boston Public,Smallville,Pearl Harbour,Sleepover and Life as we know it.He currently lives in L.A.And his hometown is Parma,Ohio.His B-Day is March,25.
"Sean Faris is one sexy actor!"
Julie tərəfindən 29 Noyabr 2004
down to the very bone
awww that dude got beat down to the white meat
julie tərəfindən 07 Fevral 2005
A weird puppet created by Liam Lynch.
Julie tərəfindən 21 Aprel 2003