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A music genre that can never be destroyed.
Tenacious D- "You can't kill the metal. The metal will live on. Punk rock tried to kill the metal, but they failed, as they were SMASHED to the ground!"
Kr1574 tərəfindən 20 İyul 2008
Never go to one of his concerts if you mind being around masses of preppy white bitches.
I was horribly trifled at the Lil Wayne concert by the masses of Catholic School prep kids blasting terrible rap music and the extremely limited presence of brothas.
I had to take a few shots of 70-proof before I could tolerate it.
kr1574 tərəfindən 04 Avqust 2009
An oppressive blue mass.
"Gaah, the sky is so so opressive and blue!"
- My sister mimicking my whining mother.
Kr1574 tərəfindən 20 İyul 2008
A guy who wants to be a player but sucks at playing girls. He usually tries way too hard often to no success to attract the ladies and is a total pussball. He uses cheesy-ass pickup lines and tries to sweet talk girls into wanting to get with him with phrases that sound like he copped them out of a bad 90's pop song.
Also usually a complete, total idiot.

P.S. A real player makes it seem effortless, and is only corny when necessary.
This pathetic fool (Over text messages):
"Trust me baby, ull get alot of pleasure outa me, ull never want me to go home"
"Pleasure, but baby u dont have to worry, how can i say this... Umm u call the shots, il be here to care, love, and anything u want, as long as u want it, if u want something u got it, if u dont i dont go no farther, U have my promise"
"I wont let u down beautiful. I care for hearts, i dont break'em, and im true to my word, im not like other guys, i dont think women are just things to hump, i respect women and have no problem doin so."

Me: Goodnight, good luck with high school. (I just graduated, this idiot's a Junior)

Him: "Hahaha thanks baby, so are u really into me?"
"Cuz baby, im really diggin u"
"Goodnight babygirl"
"Goodmorning hun"
*I ignore him*
"Hey baby"
"I really like u kr1574... I really do, and i wana treat u right, and if i have to wait i will. I wana see u, but i do have to work, lets make a date, sunday, just u and me, and il treat u. I wana show u im ur type of guy."

Me: "Frankly i dont think we should. Your not my type of guy."

Him: "Wat u mean?"

Me: "Your not strong enough to handle a girl like me"

Him: "Yes i am! I can prove it! Just give me the chance"
"Just trust me, i can handle u, trust me"

Me: "Well i have seen you w that other bitch so you should be fine"

Him: "Shes not my type, and she lies too much. Please just give me the chance, id surprise u"

Me: "I will think about it"

Him: "Im full of surprises, i wont let u down baby,"

Me: "Thats what im talkin about. I dont like the sweet talking. Its not a game to me. And you said that to me the other night so your not very surprising."

Him: "Its not a game to me. I want u, i want ur body, i wana get with u."
"So lets rock it baby, lemme blow ur mind"

Especially if she tells you to stop saying cheesy-ass shit to her and you continue to do so with Nsync lyrics! WTF!

I wanted to bitch this wannabe player out, but if I opened my mouth, the meanest things ever would have poured out because I have so much to bitch at him about!
Guys: Keep it to a minimum, for real!
kr1574 tərəfindən 01 İyul 2009
The main phone used in a McDonald's restaurant. It is usually half-dead, coated in grease, and lost. Therefore, every McDonald's employee must have their own cell phone.
McDonald's Manager: Damnit! Where's the phone?! I can hear it ringing! WHO USED IT LAST?!
Mcployee: You mean the McPhone? I think it's in the fried chicken rack.
And it is.
Kr1574 tərəfindən 20 İyul 2008
An addition to a hairstyle that has become popular with many bitches. Generally, the bangs or front of the hair are brushed back over the top of the bitches head and clipped into place, made neat in appearance with copious amounts of hair spray and brushing. This makes the shape of a poof. A large bitch poof denotes an exceedingly bitchy girl.
The bigger the bitch poof, the bigger the bitch.
Kr1574 tərəfindən 30 Noyabr 2008
Wanting to fuck every Asian guy you see. For most people it sets in during their college years when they meet an exponential surge of Asians and FOBS.
Yup, I'm a white girl who hates anime and sushi, and my mouth waters every time I see an Azn dude.

Note: I'm only referring to East Asians.
And this only applies to non-East Asian females~!

Also, girls with yellow-fever typically have East Asian majors.
Christina went to that Asian Frat house again for the third night in a row, I think she caught Yellow Fever.
Kr1574 tərəfindən 02 Fevral 2010
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