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3 definitions by Local

Virginia Beach is for hustlers. Place in South Eastern Virginia where you are either white, thug, or asian. The Great Neck area contains mostly upper class white families while the closer u get to Norfolk the darker it gets. We have no downtown and we don't want one. There are a lot of clubs on the boardwalk where the sluttiest girls from around the east coast come and compete on who's the sluttiest. Personally an amazing place to live.
Dave: What are we gonna do today?
Ryan: Surf, drink beer, smoke tree
Local tərəfindən 11 Noyabr 2004
elite. (enuff said)
Local is elite
Local tərəfindən 21 İyun 2003
imperial fassys that think they are bad n roll like chavs giving shines at all times.
Oi man. Aks and Shiv and Vips and Pranav are all locals man.
local tərəfindən 29 Oktyabr 2004