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the sexiest redbone rapper eva. he spits fire like whoa and he is so sexy, maybe a little skinny but has sex ass lips and sexy smiles and he dresses like a real pimp and is neva fake.
Lil' Flip needs to back his punk ass up because T.I. will whoop his ass up and down Bankhead and Houston.
MayaEA tərəfindən 07 İyun 2006
A fucked up educational system made up by who other than that dumb fuck "President" George Dubya Bush. This system was said to help students but
still about 50 percent of kids are droppin out of school,
most kids get A's for ass and
the only kids benifitting from it are rich white kids.
No Child Left Behind is more like No Rich Child left Behind. Damn Bush is the dumbest fuckin' retarded bitch ass craka in the whole fuckin world!
MayaEA tərəfindən 24 Aprel 2006
Dave Chappelle is a hilarious comedian. My dad hates his profanity and disrespect but me and my brotha love him. He is my favrite is when Lil' Jon got Oprah pregnant.
"I'm Rick James, bitch...What did the five fingers say to the face 'SLAP!'" Dave Chappelle
MayaEA tərəfindən 03 Aprel 2006
when a woman has a baby with her brother

Kid and Mother's Brother = Uncle
Kid and Mother's Baby Daddy + Daddy
Uncle Daddy
Timmy's mom is so ugly no man ever loved her except for her brother, literally.

Mom+Brother=Nephew Son or "Timmy"

It also can be the otha side around, Auntie Mama. Pretty much the same concept as Uncle Daddy.
MayaEA tərəfindən 18 Dekabr 2006
1.Great music people (mostly racist white people) think that is all about gats, sex, getting high, drugs, disrespecting women, drug dealing, killing people, jail, baby mama drama, getting drunk, dropping out of school, whips, going to strip clubs and Nextels.
2.But if you listen to some rap music, you'd seee that now a days it has inspiring messages such as stay in school and don't do drugs.
3. Music highly preferred by black people and prefferred to be sung by black people, but white people TRY to rap anyway.
1. Billy: Wow, mom listen to this! (mom listens to Ying Yang Twins 'BADD')
Billy's Mom: Billy! don't you know this rap music is what drunk, crackhead niggers listen to. You're young man are going to the thinking chair
2. Nas's I Can was very insprational telling girls to stay away from strange men, drugs, stay in school, be like Oprah, etc.
3. Eminem, Malibu's Most Wanted, Jamie Kennedy (perfect exaples of Definition #3)
MayaEA tərəfindən 18 May 2006
1. A fake Christmas from the north pole who make toys for good boys and girls with his elves and wife.
2. A Turkish man named St. Nicholas who made little trinkets for poverty-stricken children and put the toys in the shoes they left on their doorsteps.
3. A lie parents tell their children so they don't cause trouble all year but'll never go to the 'jects.
4. The guy at the mall and the kids take a picture with some desperate fat guy who probably is a drunk who abuses his wife and hates kids.
1. "Ho! Ho! Ho!"
3. Timmy, if you're good and quiet Santa Claus will get you that bike you want...and I can fuck Uncle Nick all year without you telling this time.
4. Ho!Ho!Ho...later...Fuckin' brats (chugs) this soup is cold bitch! (slaps wife).
MayaEA tərəfindən 08 Aprel 2006
something catergorized by race
White-lawyer, doctor, pop star, wigger
Black- rapper, dopeboy, pimp
Hispanic- McDonalds, assmebly line
Asian- restaurant worker
Arab- casino owner, convience store owner
Italian- gangster, hitman, butcher

"Man, I need a job..."
MayaEA tərəfindən 10 İyul 2006
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