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17 definitions by kooni

Big Fucking Idiot ... in replacement of FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mockery of Police.


Big Friendly Idiot, like the old story of Big Friendly Giant.
Chamillionaire :

Til I talk to my lawyer, you get no reply
You've obviously been watching too much CSI
I'm not a crash dummy so don't even try
To talk your dirty trash to me, no BFI
kooni tərəfindən 01 Noyabr 2007
116 22
To have a nice goodnight bat after a long stressful day of being horny before going to sleep, just to get it out of ya system.

This is the most common form of stress relieving therapy.
B1: i slept like a baby last night ....

B2: hmmm pre-sleep wank huh?

B1: precisely B2
kooni tərəfindən 06 İyun 2007
33 5
An inevitable site that will in near future be made for stoners who interpret their own language to every day life via green related terms ... hence my own definition of herban dictionary.
Urbsy - hey check this link out ahah funniest meaning ever.

Herbsy - it aint funny til im high (using towlie voice).

Urbsy - i think the sites fine and doesnt need no Herban Dictionary to make it funnier.

Herbsy - THATS WHAT YOU THINK ... normal minded prick.
kooni tərəfindən 20 Noyabr 2007
24 8
Lemonwire is when Limewire loses its Citrus, i.e. when your greatly desired song appears once with minimal sources.

Dave - Ey man did you get that track for me by Seal?

Jim - Nah man get it yourself.

Dave - Dude its lemonwire.

Jim - Huh?

Dave - The sources got no citrus :(
kooni tərəfindən 20 Noyabr 2007
4 2
To have completely lost the fucking plot for no apparent reason or for a very insignificantly miniscule excuse to express bottled up frustration and wrath.

This may be done by a sudden yell of cuss words, or by punching objects or friends nearby, or even by honking horns and driving like a wreckless maniac. Original skazzas are terrorists and typical bum speaking skips who pump drugs.
john : "bro watch out for that skazz-looking cunt"

brad : "haha piss off mate im already in a skazzing out mood anyway, fuck the worrrld nigga!!"
kooni tərəfindən 10 May 2007
4 2
Can also be referred to as Matchkon , Stickon, Charckon, or Litkon.

It is a very dark Senegalian who looks like Akon, who also looks identical to a struck match, due to all the black charcoal residue left on a lit stick.
Eugene - Akon blended into the stage night at the concert, I couldnt even see him until he smiled.

Darrell - Omg I saw a guy who looked just like that too on the bus !

Euegene - You mean a struck-kon ?
kooni tərəfindən 11 Oktyabr 2007
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A metaphor for junk food, but refering to girls.

It's when a guy is so desperate and horny that he lowers his standards to staring at fuglies and telling his friend that she is worth picking up ... only to realise after 20 min that she is dog like a mofo.

These girls are called mc'junkies because it is only when you are very hungry and broke that u consider eating shit like maccaz. After 20 min u then feel the messed up digestion which u can only blame yourself for.

Yes fellas the shit is deadly.

martin - oi that honey is mad fine i need me sum of that crazy ass.

sammy - no dude no , look once more, shes a mc'junky bro snap out of it.

martin - oh crap
kooni tərəfindən 16 Sentyabr 2007
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