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This word brings to life something that is "So" "Amazing" you can't possibly use a common word to explain it to someone. It can describe a night, an item, or a person.

I realized just how shmazing last night was when I looked at our pictures this morning!

We looked shmazing last night, I love us!

The boomerz were shmazing I've never had a trip like that before!
ksm tərəfindən 09 Aprel 2008
Durant is a small town nestled in the countryside of Iowa. The school has very little athletic talent, but they'll be damned if they don't have school spirit. Alcohol is the choice entertainment for the weekend, and most every student has tried marijuana at least once. Common fashion consists of sweat pants and old t-shirts, with dyed hair and piercings a plenty. Those who were something else are generally in the skankiform, meaning a denim mini-skirt, low-cut tank tops under a lower-cut shirt, and scrunched hair. The occasional hick pops up from time-to-time who think they know everything about horses, farms, and 'the hard life.' Really, though, people tend to hate the 'hicks'. They're annoying. And self-centered. And generally on the retarded side. Sex and pregnancy isn't rare. Dads roam the halls, and people openly discuss who blew who. Also, rumors of STD's spread like wildfire. Who cares if the person is standing right there? Someone will say they have Herpes in a totally serious manner, even if they don't. All in all, Durant is filled with a bunch of drama-causing bitches. Those who avoid the drama are most likely going to kill themselves by the age of 40 out of sheer depression by all the bad memories. Emo life, here we come!
Where the hell is Durant?
KSM tərəfindən 25 Sentyabr 2006
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