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Occasionally seen in the yards of people with way too much time on their hands. The Garage Mahal is a large, ornate garage, probably used for storing expensive goods, such as Ferraris, French Bread, Platinum Chains, or Record Labels. So large, many a small child have never come out.
"So, I hear that George the retired Prince of India is building a show-stoppin' Garage Mahal!"
supaDISC tərəfindən 24 May 2004
The most butchered punctuation mark in the English language. Apostrophes are used
1) to
indicate contractions,
2) to indicate possession (in some cases), and
3) VERY occasionally to denote a plural (where otherwise the meaning of the sentence would be unclear).

The use of an apostrophe in the contraction "it's", (which means "it is"), but not in "its", (which is a possessive) causes problems for many people who didn't pass third grade.
Incorrect: Screw you moran's. Go USA.
Incorrect: Its raining cat's and dog's.
Incorrect: Here come's the train. Grab it's cargo.

Correct: Don't go in that room.
Correct: The cat's litter box is dirty.
Correct: Mind your p's and q's.
supaDISC tərəfindən 24 Fevral 2005
Possibly the only mainstream hip hop group to have an obvious and unintended grammar error in a song title.
Yes, the SSC have a song called "Your Lying". I can't believe it.
supaDISC tərəfindən 08 Aprel 2005
A deadly mammoth-esque creature that has enlonged tusks that are serrated and miniscule at the tip. They head straight for the urethra, pulling until it is ripped out of the victim's body. The urethrelephant then proceeds to hoarde the urethras for later eating.Commonly seen in Lord of the Rings movies.
"Good lord, that man is being disemurethraed by a urethrelephant!"
supaDISC tərəfindən 26 Aprel 2004
The little-known tallest mountain in Arizona, which, contrary to popular belief, is actually taller than Humphrey's Peak, but debate continues about whether or not the cactus counts as part of the mountain's height.
One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, rock. Everyone, do the Cactus Rock!
supaDISC tərəfindən 25 May 2004
Noun or adjective. Used to describe when whites steal black culture, water it down and distort it for a white audience, and then make a billion dollars and change the mainstream with it.

The origin of the term is the 1980 Sugarhill Gang song "Rapper's Delight". Most people think the song was the first success of Hip Hop music. In reality, Rapper's Delight - almost 30 years ago today - was the first time Hip Hop died.

The Sugar Hill Gang was created when the owners of a record label picked up three nobodies who had never worked together and never performed live and manufactured a band from them. The music they made was produced in the absense of almost every defining characteristic of the Hip Hop music that was thriving in the Bronx. The group had no DJ to rhyme over, no rivalry or competition with other crews, and no prospect of concert play or crowds to entertain. The word "rapper" itself was a fabrication by the Sugar Hill Gang: in the Bronx, people who rapped were called MCs because as Masters of Ceremony their job was to move the crowd. The Sugarhill Gang had no such purpose. They moved Hip Hop from the street to the mainstream, from the live to the studio-generated, from the crowd-centric to the rapper-centric, and from the active to the passive. If that wasn't enough, Big Bank Hank, one of the Sugarhill rappers, borrowed his verse on Rapper's Delight from a legendary Cold Crush Crew MC and promised the Crew a record deal in return. Intead, he used the rhymes to make the sham of Rapper's Delight the first breakthrough of Hip Hop to the mainstream and to leave the Cold Crush in the dust.
This is why Jay-Z says:
"I'm over-chargin' niggas for what they did to the Cold Crush
Pay us like you owe us for all the years that you hoed us".

Rapper's Delight killed Hip Hop before it left the Bronx.
Person 1: Check out those popped collars from Abercrombie and Fitch.
Person 2: Rapper's delight.
#hip hop #rap #cold crush #sugarhill gang #old school
supaDISC tərəfindən 25 Fevral 2007
Something that is zotted is broken, dead or screwed over. This term is usually applied to computer parts.
1: I ran memtest86, and sure enough, my RAM was zotted.

2: I overclocked my Athlon too hard and zotted my sound card. Crap.
supaDISC tərəfindən 19 Mart 2005
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