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An individual who is an anal virgin. Usually used in reference to taking the anal virginity of another.
"I copped this bitches A Card last night!"
BUTT PIRATE ROB tərəfindən 01 Noyabr 2006

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a-card anal sex anal virgin ass fun funny goofy silly virgin wacky
Your A-card is the V-card of anal sex, or your anal virginity. For men, you can lose your A-card giving or receiving. Women can only lose it on the receiving end; pegging doesn't count.
"Dude, a bunch of girls are begging me to take their V-card. What do I do?"
"Keep your V-card for someone special, but drop your A-card to one of these random sluts if you please. Tell them the A-card and the V-card are the same thing and they'll shut it."
NawDude tərəfindən 05 Mart 2009
A name for a person who is wacky, funny, silly, goofy, full of personality, and fun.
" Wow, Sara is such a card."
goloshes tərəfindən 01 Sentyabr 2013