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A person whose philosophy is based on the idea of individual sovereignty, and a prohibition against theft, coercion and fraud. It sees the only just basis for law as arising from private property norms and an unlimited right of contract between free and sovereign individuals. From this basis, anarcho-capitalism rejects the state as an unjustified monopolist and systematic aggressor against sovereign individuals, and embraces anti-statist laissez-faire capitalism. Anarcho-capitalists would aim to protect individual liberty and property by replacing government monopoly, which is involuntarily funded through theft by taxation, with private, competing businesses that use physical force only in defense of liberty and property against aggressors. Hence, they believe that all goods and services, including law, order, and security, should be supplied through the mechanism of a free market.

Anarcho capitalists know that when you keep all of what you produce, you have an incentive to produce more, thus the whole of society benefits greatly from each individuals inherent greed.
Haremmaster tərəfindən 12 Aprel 2006
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an ilogical mix of words, anarcho is a no autoroty, horizontal view of power, whit a commun objetives, like workers on spain, licurgo or others attemps to make belive that everything is posible
form of organization like cooperativism or sindicalism<----anarcho-capitalists ---> burgesi or economic control of society
heideggerian comunism
comunism of right
or a socialism of right or neoconservative party
any form of govern of the people by burgesy or intelectual workers on the citicens, read history and you will know
cristian_magne tərəfindən 08 Noyabr 2006
A magical creature much like a Unicorn. As in it doesnt exist, and cannot exist, because the two things create a paradox
Dude i saw an Anarcho capitalist riding a unicorn in the magic fairy forest that was swallowed up by a rip in the fabric of the universe
Punkasfuck tərəfindən 24 Avqust 2006
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