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1. Short for 'Biddie Hunter Extraordinaire'.

2. One who is extremely skilled at hunting for and attracting biddies.
ex 1. Dude, Chris is such a BHE!

ex 2. Wow, Kyle can only pull fat chicks. He's anything but a BHE.

ex 3. Biddies love Joel! He's a fucking BHE.
Chris_Breezy tərəfindən 19 Fevral 2009
indian term meaning buffalo
"Hey im from Bhes, New York
Word tərəfindən 18 Avqust 2003
Butt Hole Enthusiast (self explanatory)
I enjoy long walks on the beach, romance novels, Victorian era poetry, and babysitting children. I'm a Pisces and a frequent BHE.
qandrew tərəfindən 05 Aprel 2012
best head ever
damn bro i need to call stacy to get some of that BHE..
lexiiie tərəfindən 04 Noyabr 2009
1. Acronym for Big Headed Eejit. A "Big Headed Eejit" is someone with a large cranium who behaves in an idiotic fashion, or like an eejit.
2. Can also describe an incredibly arrogant individual. One described as being big headed is an annoying person with a hugely inflated ego and unrealistic opinion of themselves.
Look at that chap over there, he possesses an unfeasibly large cranium. That added to his uninteresting conversation and ridiculous behaviour make him a BHE.
The successful bond dealer at the party last night was a BHE, he was arrogant and annoying.
Yogrog tərəfindən 29 Avqust 2006