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character on Bubba the Love Sponge show, on Sirius Satellite Radio
"Balloon Knot... I love you in a non-faggot way."
heynow22 tərəfindən 25 Aprel 2006
954 499
a tight butt hole that hasn't recently seen any form of penetration, thus giving the illusion of the knot of a balloon
" i took this skank home n banged her right in her balloon knot" or "this girl really gets off when you eat out her balloon knot" or " damn i can smell your dirty balloon knot from across the room"
glass bottom boat captain tərəfindən 22 Mart 2009
472 291
The anus.
Balloon knot: Named for the resemblance of the anus to the knotted neck of a balloon.
jake1688 tərəfindən 11 Noyabr 2010
218 79
A slang term meaning asshole.
Im going to go get my ballonknot licked.
MBC tərəfindən 31 Mart 2003
93 13
if you spread open the knot of a balloon, the resultant view is similar to that of the anus
she bent over and i saw her balloon knot
father O tərəfindən 16 Aprel 2002
750 730
(noun) A person's anus.
(adjective) Having the appearance of an anus.
(noun) My balloon knot is on fire after I ate those Jalepenos last night.

(adjective) That guy at the bar last night was such a balloon knot..
Mooseknuckle Quartet tərəfindən 19 Fevral 2009
109 109
Balloon Knot; Noun; A person's Butthole. Preferably a woman's.
God man, I'd love to lick her Balloon Knot!
Brutus Cottonwood tərəfindən 20 Avqust 2009
155 166