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when a girl is chillen and sitting on the couch in her underwear. Then she moves and slightly shifts her underwear, and exposing herself..

if her vagina slips out of her underwear she is blowing kisses
oops! sorry i just blew a kiss

hey friend, your blowing kisses!
LifeofG tərəfindən 03 Oktyabr 2012
The act of recovering from such a massive dookey that your anus convulsives, mimmicking the act of blowing kisses.
That is the last time I eat that much food, after I took a shit my ass was blowing kisses for 20 minutes.
Beef Swellington tərəfindən 30 İyun 2009
Me: I've been blowing kisses since I ate that Taco Hell.

Coworker: That shit pwned you, doggy.
spectacles tərəfindən 12 Avqust 2008