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A name for a child's Grandfather. Derived from Jimmy Stewart's character in "Mr Hobbs Take a Vacation". It is a pet name for grandfather used in some parts of the US.
The boys are going to see Boompa this week.
HunRugger tərəfindən 03 İyul 2011
A slang term for butt, acceptable to say for all ages
"DAMN GIRL! Darren's boompa is so nice."
Mirm2 tərəfindən 15 Aprel 2005
To pass a great load of gas at one time.
Bob had a date with Sal until he accidentally boompas in class after a large burritto
SX45 tərəfindən 06 İyul 2009
a persons butt hole
da ada nite dis girl let me put my boto in her boompa and she was screamin
dURTYBOi187 tərəfindən 10 Mart 2011