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Similar to "butter face" or broken down "but her face" as in everything is hot on a girl except her face...
This is when her face IS, in fact, hot also! BUT... her voice sucks.
It's high and whiny or it's low and gross, or it just all around sucks, doesn't match the hottness of the girl.

Basically put, simply said, the girl is very attractive, "but her voice" sucks..
Yeahyeah, hottie-hot-hot Evelyn got up in front of the class and I had never heard her talk before, turns out she is a butter voice...!!
Klyde Frog tərəfindən 13 May 2009

Butter Voice sözünə oxşar sözlər

face hottness almost but butter butter face gross her hot hot girl hottie sucks voice
A girl with squeaky-annoying voice.
"Ma` got a banging body, but I can't stand with that buttervoice."
Nick tərəfindən 17 İyul 2003