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While a man is engaging in intercourse with a female, preferably from behind, right before ejaculation he proceeds to raise his hand victoriously above is head and while screaming "PULL" slaps the woman's ass with fury. As she runs in excrutiating pain, the main proceeds to ejaculate with incredible force in an attempt to knock the woman over. On every upstroke he makes a shotgun cocking sound effect and on every down stroke, a gun fire sound effect.
Man: "What happened to your girlfriend? Did she break her leg?"
Man 2: "She got clay pidgeoned!"
Justin, Mike, and John tərəfindən 16 Sentyabr 2004

Clay Pidgeon sözünə oxşar sözlər

clay pigeon clay-pigeon dupe politics sucker tool
hated, often bullied animal. frequent target of people with shotguns
"dude, it must really suck to be a clay pidgeon"
"yeah, they get shot at more than a cracker in harlem"
jimt tərəfindən 20 Oktyabr 2004