an Emo kid is someone who listens to Emo, Screamo.
By really understanding this Music, even before reading the genre (on the net), well that wuold make him emotional.
what im trying to say is that by understanding Emo or Screamo Music makes you an emotional person.
by saying Emotional I mean someone who is in touch with his feelings, not that he is only depressed!!!(he could or not be).
if someone is emotional and doesnt listen to emo that means he is not emo but is an emotional person..
emo doesnt stand for emotional music (almost all music is emotional) but it stands for EMOTIONAL (hardocore) PUNK ROCK
(NOT ALL EMO SONGS ARE DEPRESSING, but emotionally happy,sad,Angry,etc...) by saying this i dont want to say tht punk rock isnt emotional but EMO is based on shouting out loud emotions...
(about the scene, well choose i think its cool so il semi go for it, u dont like it, well look at veda skyes,chasing victory,etc... VERY NORMAL PEOPLE)
about kissing guys, well NOT EVERYONE DOES IT, if they do so well they have their reasons (emo is not about kissing guys)
make-up:well thts always the trend part (like it or not u choose if put it on or not)
i wont say anything about the posers 'cause those are everywhere.
EMOS do NOT care of showing their emotions to everyone.
plz dont identify EMOS for fags, or weirdos... if u do well its ur life...
emo kid= normal kid in touch with his emotions, and appriciates EMO music: and by tht expresses his emotions with it and in tht way (there are different ways of expressing ur emotions)
emo poser= might like emo music justo for the screaming

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Johnny D. 91 tərəfindən 08 Mart 2007
Kids of extreme awesomeness.
Laine, Kendra and Kyla are SUCH emo kids.
'Nuff said.
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emokidsss tərəfindən 25 Yanvar 2010
normaly just folk who dont like lables and because of that get the most stuck on them
everyone thinks that emos;
wear skinny jeans
listen to screamo music
write sad poetry
sit in a corner slitting his/her wrists
are suicidal
(if you do thats your choice)
we're just normal people for crying out loud
emo kid poetry
i carved the name on the bullet so that every one would know you where the last thing going through my head
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Anonymous12284 tərəfindən 09 Oktyabr 2008
Someone who usually has short, black choppy hair with a side fringe bang that covers most of their face. They wear funky punkish clothes that are totally random and unexpected and in my book {really cool}. Their hair sometimes has one or two strands of un natural hair color such as red, pink, green, purple, ect. Very original style; both the guys and girls wear black nailpolish and eyeliner...oh by the way emo stands for any of the following:emotional punk movement, emotional hardcore, or just emotional. Emo kids are usually quiet and iscolated...they see themselves as outcasts. Also, emo has alot to do with the music, not just fashion and groups. If you dont listen to emo music, which is usually dark and depressing, you are not emo. Not all emos have suicidal thoughts and cut themselves;this is just a stereotype!!! Also, they hate it when you confuse them with scene, goth, or punk kids because they are all VERY different genres. You can usually find an emo kid sitting alone somewhere, or with a very small group of other emos, writing poetry, into a good book, or doing something creative. That's really all it is, creativity and being yourself.
Emo Kid: Somewhat overly emotional person who dresses in mostly black and some color who listens to emo music, such as My chemical romance, Sunny Day Real estate, Mineral, saetia, Indian summer, ect.
#creative #original #sensitive #emotional #hardcore
xMYxCHEMICALxROMANCExFAN tərəfindən 21 İyul 2008
spends life typing up blog entries about the meaning of emo
see 162 "emo kid" definitions below
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the 163rd emo kid tərəfindən 12 İyul 2008
okay, firstly i gotta say EMO KIDS DO NOT SLIT THEIR WRISTS OR WANT TO DIE. some emos might, but mostly they dont. emo is a type of music which is normally guys singing, but is has proper connections with the world and actually means something.also, its a kind of style and a kind of clothes. and i gota say emos ARE COOL AND THEY ROCK. they are not depressed and are usually happy, kind and caring people who understand each other. they shouldnt be labeled as suicidists (if thats even a word but u know what i mean) and they should be judged because of how they dress.

You can normally recognise an emo ::
skinny/drain pipe (tight) jeans
band or just darkly coloured t's
sometimes a hoodie, normally with neon colours (eg black with neon stars)
converse or vans , normally dirty and worn
normally studded belt or wrist band
favourite band name on ther wristband
usually pale skin, dark makeup round the eyes - loads of eyeliner
dark hair (black, or red maybe) with a sweeping side fringe that normally covers at least one eye
and 2 be honest normally ther really hot

*emo kid walks into a class room, wearing the tightest jeans he could find and a bright neon green studded belt. evry one glances and looks away. the plastics, jocks and other loosers cant be arsed to get to know the nice kind caring person taht emo kid actually is*

#emos #my chmical romance #punks #eyeliner #coolness
monishaa_loves_mychem tərəfindən 24 Mart 2008
an emo kid is a misfit misunderstood often depressed. these people see beauty in the world..mostly based on pain. these people reject non-emos mostly and deny there emo-ness. most of them cut...but only the fags show off. (these are attention whores NOT TRUE EMOS) real emos often wear whatever the fuck they feel like and dont care about anyones fuckin opinion.
prep: you scare me. why are you so sad?
emo kid: fuck you. (walks away)
prep: (stands still...shaking)
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lyndsay cunt star tərəfindən 29 Noyabr 2007
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