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N. {fasbook phart}
Gas emitted from one's anus during a facebook session that is worse then normal gas due to the facebooker's refusal to get up and take a shit.
Jim: I was profiling on facebook last night and I facebook farted so bad I thought I greased my shorts.

Jan: No shit?

Jim: No.
Ryan p cooke tərəfindən 24 Aprel 2009

Facebook Fart sözünə oxşar sözlər

facebook comment deleted error fart gas grease internet mistake profiling shit vanishing
When you comment or post on facebook, but misspell or make a grammatical error, delete it, and not post again to avoid annoying your friends.
Friends post: Going to a lil wayne concert!

Comment 1: He suuucks

Facebook fart: He isn't sick, he's I'll

The facebook fart is then quickly deleted and a corrected version is not posted.
weezy blows me tərəfindən 16 İyul 2011