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In abundance, A lot of
At Suzies birthday party there was Candy , Hotdogs and Icecream Galore
Jellyphant tərəfindən 29 İyul 2003
From the Irish language "Go Lór" meaning 'a lot of' or 'many'.
There was booze galore at the party.
Bekerro tərəfindən 13 Noyabr 2006
Too much of something. Often used as an exemplifier to increase meaning of the word before it.
Oh Goodness, that is ridiculous galores.
I went shopping galores yesterday and now I'm broke.
I went shopping yesterday and now I'm broke galores.
Psydekick tərəfindən 03 Oktyabr 2010
NZ slang, used in gay circles, meaning that something is really really good. Used instead of saying awesome or good.
Mike: did you enjoy yesterday?
Joe: yea man, it was like, galore.
RobP26 tərəfindən 26 Dekabr 2007