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gay eskimo or a cold fag
Look at the icicle hanging from that homosexical's boner
freakshow1414 tərəfindən 31 Avqust 2010
Shirley Q. Liquor's ignunt pronunciation of the word "homosexual".
"Where all these homosexicals is started comin' from? You know what I'm sayin'?"
"Hell, they got so many names fuh it, and then bulldygles, I'm sorry, lebeezuhns!..."
mindtch0101 tərəfindən 27 May 2009
refering to the reproductive gonads of a homosexual male
Matt: Hey randy was that ur homosexical

Randy: among other things
*&% tərəfindən 24 Aprel 2008
A syper gay, queer little boy
Wow Matt and Trevor are the biggest homosexicals.
Funky Fred tərəfindən 25 İyul 2008
act of being homosexual
to act in a gay manner
that homosexical was checking you out
Sick means im attractive
credious tərəfindən 19 Noyabr 2007