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A teenage Sub-Group, ie. People who are not cool enough to be popular but are not nerdy enough to be geeks.

Inbetweeners are therefore an average of the two major teenage social groups
'' Hey have you seen those Inbetweeners, they are lucky they don't have to be stereotyped like us ''
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James Hingley tərəfindən 29 May 2008
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Someone who clearly not "cool enough" to hang out with the cool kids, yet see's themselves as being above the typical losers on the social pyramid.
The boys in the C4 show "The Inbetweeners"
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ObeyTom tərəfindən 05 Aprel 2009
A very popular British TV sitcom first aired in 2008, based on the lives of 4 ordinary middle class teenage boys (Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil) living in the suburbs of London. The plot follows the boys at their everyday lives at the fictional Rudge Park Comprehensive and on various school trips away, group outings and many other things which, though achieveable by normal standards, always seem to go wrong for them eg, Will shits himself in a GCSE exam. The show has been nominated for 'Best Situation Comedy' at BAFTA twice, in 2009 and 2010. At the British Academy Television Awards 2010, it won the Audience Award, and in 2010 the show won the Best Sitcom award at the British Comedy Awards. In the 2011 British Comedy Awards, the show also won the award for Outstanding Contribution to British Comedy. Despite the show finishing in 2010 after it's 3rd series, The Inbetweeners Movie was released in 2011 and grossed a huge £45,000,000 despite it's small budget of just £3,500,000
*Jay: Morning Benders, jump in the minge mobile.
Will: Strange thing to call your mum's car.

*Jay: So I had one bent over the table here, there was one up here who I was fingering and I was just toe fucking the one on the floor.
Will: So when do we get to meet these lucky ladies?
Jay: You can't, they've gone back to the playboy mansion.

*= quotes from Inbetweeners
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Teacup tərəfindən 11 May 2012
a not full erection.. it's not limp, not fully hard, it's an in-betweener: see chubby
that girl at the grocery store was so hot she gave me an in betweener

if the wind blows the right way I'll get an in-betweener
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EZLuvs269 tərəfindən 04 Yanvar 2011
Someone who is neither ugly, but not very good looking either.
Guy 1: Did you see that girl I pulled last night she was a clear 8/10.

Guy 2: No way man, she was a 6/10 a clear Inbetweener.
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SWAGNIFICANT tərəfindən 17 Avqust 2011
noun: not quite one thing or the other.
I wasn't the best student, or the worst. I was more of an inbetweener.

Did you see that person with the big arms?

Is that a guy or girl?

Looks like a 'tweener?
Gabriel tərəfindən 08 May 2005
n. A turd that has come halfway out, and you don't know whether to force it the rest of the way out or suck it back in.
"I sat down to crap, and all I had was an in-betweener, so I sucked it back in.
waltermitty tərəfindən 14 Avqust 2004
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