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1. The result of two family members, typically a brother and his hot cousin, getting together and doing the DO.
2. Neko's boyfriend.
3. The term used for the offspring of 2 dumbfucks that are closely related that are ugly as hell.
"Neko's boyfriend is an incest baby lacking an off button."
"We're gonna have an incest baby."
"Mama, I'll stay home and take care of our incest baby, I promise!"
Heenz tərəfindən 02 Sentyabr 2007

Incest Baby sözünə oxşar sözlər

baby brother cousin father incest mother raep rape sister
An npc or person's character in a game that is very overpowered and popular amongst other overpowered characters. Practically spoiled in every way possible.

This term is inspired by game of thrones.
Person 1 - hey, did you see that guy, jerry on the game?
Person 2 - yeah he was such an incest baby.
FancyNarwhals tərəfindən 06 Avqust 2014