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That lass has got a canny pair of jarps on her.
Jonny23 tərəfindən 14 Aprel 2011
Ancient pygmy form of greeting, originating from the river dwellers and predominately used between neighbouring tribes. The expression is usually accompanied by an open palm signal of the right hand, similar to a high-five. Today, it is often used between family groups and friends who live some distance apart and translates, typically as "Hello, friend, I harbour thee no ill-will."
1# (ancient): "Jarp! I bring you these two virigins in exchange for seven pigs."
2# (modern): "Jarp! Wassup!"
Oondeenie Queu tərəfindən 24 Dekabr 2004
A group of odd people. Who typically like to joke around, talk about sex, and/or dance to techno.
"Wow Dan, your friends are so jarp!"

"Well, my friends are Jarpies."
LOL9898 tərəfindən 24 Aprel 2010
To jarp, or poke someone. To be jarped.
That great gallah just proper jarped me in the ribs.
Nemain_79 tərəfindən 11 Fevral 2009