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a woman that is very floosy in doing so her pussy is very loose as loose as a goose due to the fact that gooses migrate south for the winter making them a very loose wild animal so loose+ goose = loosy goosy
Dang that girl is loosy goosy or Dang im not talking to nancy cause i heard she loosy goosy
HAZ_DP_PIMP tərəfindən 07 Mart 2010
A drunk girl who is being overly sexual with random guys in a club.
Damn, that girl over there is loosy goosy.
BOthebig tərəfindən 11 İyul 2009
when your penis sags so much you can use it as a jump rope
"WTF!!" "Mark put that loosy goosy away, your gonna put and eye out"
masta seizon tərəfindən 08 May 2005