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It mean "believer" in arabic. It is used as a male name,
it is also the name for a chain of restaurants in the middle east.
i'm going to visit my friend mo'men today
Sweet Cherry tərəfindən 04 May 2010
3 1
A woman with facial hair most notably above the upper lip.

Originating from the slang term Mo for a moustache and woman. Pluralised to Momen.

Some Momen may partake in Movember by not shaving/bleaching for the duration of November, raising money/awareness for charity.
Jimmy - "Was that a dude"
John - "Nah she's a Moman"
PhilMcKracken tərəfindən 01 Noyabr 2009
4 2
a very gay person
a true faggot in heart
yo son why your bitch ass got to act punk. Your being a mo'man
ryan martin tərəfindən 05 May 2005
3 5
A man that is sensitive and in touch with his female side (womanly, feminine)
Mate! don't cry about it, you're a massive moman!
rizla2009 tərəfindən 09 Yanvar 2009
3 6
Moman is a term that a guy uses to describe an ugly female by sayin that she looks/is more of a man than him
She "moman." She's mo man than me, and mo man than you (talkin to another guy).
Lady Pimp tərəfindən 20 Sentyabr 2004
8 11
An extremly gay person.
This dude is such a mo man. he loves men. Bryan please be straight, ur being such a mo man rght now
Junior tərəfindən 05 May 2005
5 10
MoMaN is a wannabe. His dream is to be as good as Shore, thing he can't be since he has only 0,001% of Shore's skill.
Moman is just a newb...
I owned moman only twice today.
Damn, moman is so lame.
Anonymous tərəfindən 28 Oktyabr 2003
5 11