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To Mr. Belvedere means to excrete something that need to be cleaned up. It can be cum, shit or other bodily fluid or function.
I Mr. Belvedered myself.
DiggerMan tərəfindən 15 Mart 2009
786 337
verb. to crap, especially in one's own pants.
Uh oh, I just Mr. Belvedered myself...
Nannerpuss tərəfindən 15 Mart 2009
553 401
A towel specifically used for wiping both
male and female sex cum off and out of the participating parties. Can be used for weeks at a time. Also known as a cum rag.
"I have cum all over my stomach, can you get Mr. Belvedere to wipe it off please?"
Mikey851 tərəfindən 19 İyul 2008
263 473
It's when you're having sex with a girl and you're about to climax. You pick up a feather duster and tickle her nose, making her sneeze, which causes all her muscles to contract, including her vagina. Similar to a donkey punch.
Last night I gave my wife the Mr. Belvedere.
amikke01 tərəfindən 20 Noyabr 2008
139 416