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One who hates anyone who appears to be obese or weigh above their specified weight class for their height.
Fat guy #1: You see that skinny mutha fucka over there? That guy is an obesist. He doesn't take kindly to our kind.
Fat Guy #2: That BASTARD!
itsthompzilla tərəfindən 26 Mart 2008

Obesist sözünə oxşar sözlər

fat obese chubby gross huge obestiality racist skinny tub-of-lard
Being hurtfull or discriminatory to an obese person. Also only other fat people can tell other fat people that they are obese or chubby, just like black people being racist to other black people
John: Dude, fred just called you a tub-of-lard!
Michael: No man it's cool, he's fat like me, it wasn't obesist!
fluffy83 tərəfindən 27 İyun 2011