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A term used both to insult and define people who play only PC Games and hate Consoles(such as Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3). The following traits/beliefs are common among PC Elitists:

1. Graphic Superiority of PCs over Consoles
2. Infinite Backwards compatibility
3. Mouse and Keyboard beat out Controllers
4. Believe that all Games are PC games since you can't program on a Console
5. Believe in User Generated content for games
6. Feel that DLC should be Free.
7. Think Xbox Live is filled with racist twelve year olds.
8. Know what Steam is and have never bought a game from Gamestop since.
9. Feel that FPS should never have went to console
10. Hate Consoles
John: Consoles suck.
Bill: No they don't you PC Elitist

John: Did you read the latest issue of PC Gamer?
Bill: No, John. I'm not a PC Elitist like you.

John: I'm a PC Elitist and proud of it.
Bill: Yes and I can name one more thing you are.
DontEatRawHagis tərəfindən 23 Mart 2009
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Every console has their fanboys. But none of them are nearly as annoying as PC fanboys, otherwise known as PC elitists.

Pc elitists...:

...are the biggest graphics whore]s. Their main argument for the superiority of the PC is that it has the best graphix ev4r! But that's only if you're willing to pay for the top of the line, latest and greatest GPU that can cost hundreds of dollars.

...think PC has the only worthwhile games, which 95% of them are FPSes, RTSes, and MMORPGs.

...believe all console games are designed for children. You know the "I only play M rated games because i'm so hardcore" stereotype? Yep, those are PC elitists.

...think controllers/gamepads are worthless and that you might as well be trying to control the game with your mind. KEYBOARD AND MOUSE 4EVUR!!1

...think games such as Super Mario Bros., Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Zelda, Donkey Kong Country, Sonic, Metroid, Resident Evil, Tekken, Gears of War, Parasite Eve, Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto are hopelessly primitive and outdated, don't have good graphics, and are for little kids.
Guy: What's your favorite NES game?
PC Elitist: LOL what is this? The Commodore 64 age? I only play PC games because i'm so grown up. Console games are for little kids who can't handle the 1337 PC.
Guy: What a faggot
5feet10witha10footdick tərəfindən 07 Noyabr 2012
Dangerous individuals, they are maniacs and demented. Racist, elitist and insane. A virus like species capable of wide spread destruction and have a knack of causing world wide butthurt.

The PC itself is a religion among these people, a god like deity. The average PC Elitist will fight to the death to protect its mother, it's creator, it's god. The PC.

They are everywhere, watching your every movement, more dangerous than the delusional Wiitards, starting a war agaisnt the PC Elitist is ILL ADVISED. There have been many cases where the console class citizens have sold their PC's out of pure butthurt.

No-one knows where they came from but there are millions of them and they are spreading. They have the attributes of a virus and continue to spread, even to this very day. Some say they existed way before the dawn of man. Who knows? Maybe your a PC Elitist?
PC Elitist 1: All hail the mighty PC, grant us access into to a new world of paradise!

PC Elitist 2: Our mother PC will protect us from the lower class gaming citizens, the consoles!

Ps3 user: PC sucks, so does the Xbox and Wii, the cell will rage a holy war agaisnt your foul people!

Xbox user: Cell sucks, pc suck, Wii blows and Xbox has Halo! All hail Halo!

Elitist 1 and 2: Purge them! Wipe them from the face of the planet! Remove their foul stench from this universe! Destroy them!
Club Blue tərəfindən 03 Yanvar 2011
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