The largest city in Maine. About a hundred miles north of Boston, Massachusetts, Portland is built on a peninsula in Casco Bay. About 150,000 people live in the area, including South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, and other nearby towns.

The city has burned down and been almost completely rebuilt four times. One of the fires was caused by the town being ordered burned down by an angry sea captain denied service at a bar.

Portland, Maine is the city Portland, Oregon was named after in a coin toss. If the coin had landed on the other side, the city in Oregon would be called Boston.

Portland is also the birthplace of the authors Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Stephen King.
Portland is the best city in northern New England for the miles of beautiful rocky beaches. The snow is great in the winter, and the water off the coast gets warm enough to swim in by June.
R V tərəfindən 29 Fevral 2008
Portland is not the "wanna-be" Seattle so many say it is. It's just a smaller town that can't be Seattle. Geographical reasons alone make it impossible. While it's true that P-town (one of the other nicknames I have yet to see mentioned here) lacks the nightlife and "opportunities" for self destructive behavior to the tune of about 50% compared to Seattle, it also lacks the shitty aspects by about the same percentage. Liberal it is, and the only guys complaining about that don't live in Portland anyway - so I say let 'em sit in the closet wearing a cowboy had & mommys panties bitching about P-Town to their hearts content.
Portland is more laid back than Seattle, this being both a good and bad thing. The obvious reasons apply. The nicest things about Portland besides foody-friendly & other interesting establishments/sites to see within city limits are the Columbia Gorge (as incredible as the Grand Canyon but in a completely different way), ocean beaches no more than about an hour west, and COMPLETE climate change (including "suddenly" bright, clear blue sky and crisp clean high desert air/surroudings) which can be found only a 2-3 hour drive over the Cascade mountain range (Central Oregon - Bend). Bend is, however, the kind of place to vacation/visit ONLY - unless you're alreay rich & have at least come close to a mid-life crisis. It's tailored (or rather it "has been remodeled to tailor") to Cali people who want 2-3 times the house/property for 2/3 of what the home in California sold for. It's a great place to retire (instead of hotter than hell Arizona), but again if you're young and still trying to figure out how to come up with your own personal pile of allmighty dollars, steer clear while in route to "anywhere but the place you just left" during the one-way destination U-Haul adventure.
Portland is a great place to live but the rain spoils it for about 60-70% of the year, so overall I think it's best for people who love lots of rain (minus the thunder & lightning which usually make rain more fun & interesting), as a second home sort of place or a great home if you're someone who likes to move every few years. Job market is decent, there are tons of illegals - some of whom are happy to serve up the exact same fantastic (and authentic) tacos you'd find south of the border... with the majority of them waiting each morning near the closest temporary employment company just dying to hop into any contractors van.
Fishing is spectacular, with 90% of the fish being caught by 10% of the fishermen (Steelhead are even smarter than Goerge W., if you can imagine that.. and also very similair because they're difficult to "catch".)
On any average day I find myself bitching about P-Town for one reason or another (the nice weather days make you forget... much like the boyfriend who stops hitting his woman just long enough to make her think she actually DOES like being stuck with him).
Anyhow, if you don't like Portland then don't live here. Personally, I think Seattle is more fun - there IS more to do but just as much rain. I think I could find as many reasons to leave Portland as I could NOT to move to Seattle - but overall it's a really chill town with a lot of easy-going, friendly people & a borderline (I stress that part) decent music scene. Worth a visit, but make sure you stay long enough to experience the annual 7 month monsoon before deciding to make it your permanent home.
J: "Did you see the forecast for Portland last night?"

A: "No, but wasn't it the same as the last three weeks? Showers today with occasional rain?"

J: "Yeah.. except it's supposed to be clear around midnight tonight and stay that way 'til around 7am tomorrow"


J: "Is that smack or hash?"

A: "Dunno... probably both"
Anton Sally tərəfindən 25 Oktyabr 2006
a burn run; going to smoke marijuana while driving around in a rural area. derives from the Portland Trailblazers
Joe: Dude, what you doin tonight, man
Shane: I dunno, wanna go to Portland
Joe: Yea, I have some spaghetti O's that aren't goin to eat themselves
pssst yea tərəfindən 30 Aprel 2005
A borough of the fictitious Liberty City in the video game Grand Theft Auto 3. Portland is said to be based on The Bronx/Brooklyn/Western Queens.
Portland = Bronx
Staunton = Manhattan
Shoreside = Jersey
George Bush tərəfindən 13 May 2004
Think Seattle without the canyon's of skyscraper's. Portland has the same population as Seattle, BY FAR way more crime then Seattle. It's a dirty city with a high poverty level. Downtown, Inner Northeast, and North Portland area's are full of thug's, gangbanger's, drug dealer's and are predominatly Black and Hispanic.
Portland (563,000 Total) 401,000 People Are White
37,000 People Are Black
38,000 People Are Hispanic
32,000 People Are Asian
56,000 People Are Mixed

Seattle (580,000 Total) 393,000 People Are White
49,000 People Are Black
31,000 People Are Hispanic
76,000 People Are Asian
30,000 People Are Mixed

Portland is currently undergoing one of the most major highrise progect's in the northwest called the "North Macadam" which is 409 acres of undeveloped property in which will be built hundred's of skyscraper's and condo's. People who say Portland is a wannabe seattle are misguided. They normally think Portland is just downtown while it actually expands about 15 mile's east of downtown. Portland's overall land size is approximately 3 time's as big as Seattle's. Seattle's land is approx. 47 sq. mile's, while Portland's land is approx. 134 sq. mile's.
Rich Guy Bob: Hey i'm from Seattle, i'm rich and i just try to act ghetto.

Maniac: It's that Portland Woodlawn Park Blood Gang.

Rich Guy Bob: We are Gang Member's.

Maniac: Naw nigga this some real talk, Bridgetown Blood city. Fuck Seattle and they wannabe asse's
Dimarlo William's tərəfindən 09 İyun 2007
The largest city in Maine. Portland, Oregon's namesake. The first, the best, the original.
Portland, Maine, is what anyone who's anyone means when they refer to Portland.
newmainer tərəfindən 15 Noyabr 2006
A eerily clean city in the state of Oregon. It's full of hippies and there are too many environmentalists. The city itself is nice on the surface but then you just realize it is a wannabe Seattle. About half of it's metro population comes from Washington state. The blazers suck and the northern side of the city on the willamette is full of graffiti, thugs, and drugs. In the downtown area there is an enormous ammount of bums that will ask you for bus fair. The weather is nice but there are too many parks/rose gardes that allow free loaders to play hacky sack and be lazy in their tie die t shirts. The city is only successful because it tries to be like Seattle. The only good thing about this city is the fact that there is no sales tax. Essentially people from Vancouver, WA do all their shopping in Portland.
Portland needs to be its own city and stop trying to be like Seattle.
Mitchell Shelley tərəfindən 21 Sentyabr 2006
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