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One who is slaved over (my master)
*Ture Story*
My older sister is a Princess. Her name is Suzie, but I am forced to call her Princess. My Princess makes me feed her, work for her, and she gets spoiled rotten. Our parents have sold her the house, and still slave over her. She has around 15 Million dollars in her possesion, along with 10 cars, 100 servants, and 75 Boyfriends who will do what ever she wants. Princess now has size an F Cup (Custom made bras only), weighs 160lbs, is 5' 5", and is blonde.
Servant to Princess tərəfindən 21 Oktyabr 2003
12 52
Everything you wanna be, but can't.
She is such a princess! (Translation: I wanna be her, but can't)
Princess Pilvii tərəfindən 16 Avqust 2003
14 60
a bOmb ass chickah that goes by the name of lian
shes mAD tyTe yO!
A D V A N tərəfindən 13 Fevral 2004
2 49
MEE! end of definition
???? tərəfindən 12 May 2003
11 105