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a sloppy ass banging while on a waterbed or other unstable base.
Mary wanted to try taking it in the ass on the old kitchen table but it was shaking up so much it ended up a big ole' Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in there.
B-REX tərəfindən 10 Dekabr 2004

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Where poop comes from.
"Gotta accept a delivery from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - you have a magazine?"
BoogerBear tərəfindən 10 İyul 2008
To shit in the face of your sexual partner
He gave her an extra $50.00 for the "rocky mountain chocolate factory".
Someone who Cares tərəfindən 09 Fevral 2014
The act of vaginal penetration via doggy style during which the female excretes fecal matter for lubrication upon the male's penis.
Dave: So what did you and Jill do last night?
Aaron: She gave me a little Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
Dave: You mean where she shits on your dick to lube it up real nice?
Aaron: That's the one!
Dave: NICE!!
Jasper Stupolotics tərəfindən 21 İyul 2008