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Slant Eyed Mother Fucker.
I bet I could blind fold that SEMF with floss.
BJCMTBOYLE tərəfindən 07 Oktyabr 2005

S.E.M.F. sözünə oxşar sözlər

america english illegals immigrant unintelligible. lou dobbs
"Speak English, Motherfucker"
Acronym that should frequently and forcefully offered to immigrants--legal or illegal--to the US who refuse to assimilate and insist on jabbering in foreign tongue.
As I was getting on the 2 train in Wakefield, I passed a gaggle of babblers spewing forth "espanol." "S.E.M.F.!" I said. They thought it had something to do with green cards and the INS, and they scattered like cockroaches in the light.
New York City Dave tərəfindən 10 İyul 2008
Shit Eating Mother Fucker
A little boy just stole your candy.
you yell, "Come back here you little semf!"
alliSINFUL tərəfindən 28 Mart 2005