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(Also known as SAS Syndrom)

An illness in which your throat splits off to form another passage way. So now you have one for air, one for food, and a newly formed throat-hole for sookin' deeks (Throating wieners). This new esophagus extends from the mouth to the rectum, and in some cases, a man with a MASSIVE 10 ft long wiener case stick in all the way down and out your butt. Thereby making you a shish kabob....

**SAS Almost always occurs in: Gypsys, whores, Gypsy Whores, prostitues, prostitots, and Whore dogs named Ginger...
Bill: Dude!

Dude: What?

Bill: did you here about Garrett?

Dude: no! what??!!

Bill: He came down with a nasty case of shish kabob of shame syndrom from throating too many dicks.

Von mannshaft tərəfindən 05 Noyabr 2008

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