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A racist, egotistical, immigrant hating (although he is one), arrogant, homophobic bastard. Likes to blow his own trumpet, lies about his turnover (over £30million, lmfao, please, that's comparable to Ann Summers and they're huge). Uses his forums to voice his political opinions, slams immigrants, asylum seekers, gays and just about anyone who isn't of the Aryan race. Rules his forums like the Nazis ruled most of Europe during WW2, and oppresses peoples opinions in similar ways to how Soviet Russia would erase people from history. If your opinion is different to his, then expect it to 'disappear' and your account to be nuked.
"I hate gays"
"You're as bad as Spie"

"I make £xxx a year"
"Oh, like that lying bastard Spie?"

"I'm taking my car on a track day"
"Don't break the clutch like Spie"
2Blue4U tərəfindən 14 Oktyabr 2004

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Strawberry pie.
Woman, get in the kitchen and make me some S-Pie
matt brubaker tərəfindən 03 Fevral 2004