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Fake G's that pretend to be from the streets by rapping about it.
"Dr Dre an Snoop Dogy Dogg are fuckin actors, pranksters, studio gangsters, busters" - Eazy-E (R.I.P)
L-unit tərəfindən 29 May 2005
392 138
An insult that refers to somebody who raps about ganglife style in Hiphop.

Orgin: Los Angeles late 80's

slang used by street gangsters who makes fun of people in hiphop rapping about the ganglife style.

"game is sold not told" meaning you live it and not speak about it.

also refers to being a wannabee gangster.

a person into hiphop and also intrigued by ganglifestyle and raps about it like he does it. and braggs in rap music of false situations. when in real life does none of it at all.
"you hear "MC BangBang" and "DJ Killalot" new tracks about them robbing a liquor store?"....
"Man... them fools ain't nothing but studio gangster".

"all these studio ganster shit raps about the same thing. it looks like they're just out for your money."
Lec2 tərəfindən 09 Fevral 2003
268 46
a wannabe rap artist who is all up in the studio rapping about how hood he is when in fact he is not from the hood at all.
Holla Holla, Ja Rule is such a studio gangster
diago delgato tərəfindən 18 Noyabr 2007
154 32
A person that talks about the hood, but would be scared if they went to the hood. Usually a rapper.
Lil Wayne is not a blood, but it made him some money. He's a wealthy studio gangster.
S.Phoenix tərəfindən 22 Avqust 2010
80 22
Fake gangsters that talk the talk but don't walk the walk
"Paul who? Man, ain't nobody paying them dudes no attention, man. You know what studio gangster is? Look up that; look up the definition of studio gangster. I'm here to play basketball. First of all, I don't tweet. So I wouldn't know what he tweeted if you guys didn't tell me." - Udonis Haslem
BigUpsTo#15 tərəfindən 13 Noyabr 2010
35 14
See Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre
Anonymous tərəfindən 09 Sentyabr 2003
110 91
busters like tim dog & ja rule
tim dog and ja rule are studio gangsters
ThugLife4Life tərəfindən 24 İyun 2007
29 14