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A very good all girl band. That actaully plays their instuments.
The like is an awesome band, it would be good for one to check them out.
Muhahahanafawnabanana tərəfindən 04 Noyabr 2005

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A cannibalization of the phrase the lick. Both mean something that is really great, or the pinnacle of something.
Poser 1 : Dood, that guy is ridin' spinners!
Poser 2 : Yeah, those are the like!
Poser 1 : What did you say? You mean the lick?
Poser 2 : Same thing, moron. Let's go get a taco.
Homey G. tərəfindən 12 Aprel 2004
Anyone with a personality considered "win" on a scale of win to lose, as judged by the Centennial Grandmasters of Dom.
Etymology - phrase the likes used to denote a list of people, this it's alternate form
The Likes rides bikes!
Michael Nuccio tərəfindən 01 Avqust 2004