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A drinking game wheres the song thunderstruck by AC/DC is played. The people playing are arranged in a circle. Every time "thunder" is said in the song the person has to chug their beer until the song says "thunder" again. Then the next person has to drink. This is repeated until the song is over.
Man, Lawrence was so drunk last night after playing three rounds of thunderstruck.
Beer Lover tərəfindən 02 May 2010
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1. ACDC song

2. The strange phnomenon when you find that you can not stop staring at/ thinking of "Thunder Thighs"
Duncan: "so i found out how to mame your brother, first you run over his femer then... Umm are you listening to me?
Chris: "Huh..Oh sorry man i was thunderstruck
Toff696 tərəfindən 22 Dekabr 2007
AC/DC man.You dont know it yet?
That guy who says he uses Thunderstruck to rickroll people with its a complete moron and has no idea about music whatsoever.
Maniac on the loose tərəfindən 16 İyun 2009
A female's dumfounded expression after the initial insertion into the anus. Similar to the expression post Morning Glory.
I've seen some thunder struck faces in my day, but Memory takes the cake.
Vault tərəfindən 30 Sentyabr 2006
The process in which you strike or hit ones head with your "Uncle Freddy" (weirdest neck name I have ever heard given ones genitalia) to gain ones attention. upon gaining attention you shove your Uncle Freddy in and/or around the mouth of the victim.
Brian: Hey Chris I guess what?
Chris: What?
Brian: last night was great
Chris: Why?
Brian: I thunder struck Susan's fat ass while Cortney watched, it was Awesome!!
Chris: What did Rod think?
fhiuweewio tərəfindən 11 Noyabr 2009
The act of smacking a girl in the face with a hard veiny penis.
I heard Eddie thunderstruck Sara last night!
ActionJackson10 tərəfindən 18 Mart 2010
1. Every morning when you wake up you shake your legs, you go lightening fast from 1978 back to 1973.

2. the hypothetical process of moving between past and future; also written time-travel

3. The first song off of the album 'The Razors Edge' by AC/DC

Part of Speech: noun

1605–15; thunder + struck
1990; 'The Razors Edge' album by AC/DC
Sam: Remind me to show you how to Thunderstruck.

Mike: I want to know how right now.

Sam: I will give you a preview... Every morning when you wake up you shake your legs, you go lightening fast from 1978 back to 1973.
Smokey D's BBQ Rules tərəfindən 19 Aprel 2010

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