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1. Often associated with speed and agility, a Tida is best described in one word: Steeze. Rare among third world countries due to hazzardous circumstances, Tidas strive in warm climates and river-side habitats. 2. Tom Schaaf 3. The butt-end of a pool stick. Rarely recognized as a piece in itself, it is detachable from a pool stick and can be used in self defense against angry, drunken, and often fairy-boyesque opponents.
In a state of shock and confusion, I gently detached my tida from my pool stick and threw it at Bob.
Tom Schaaf tərəfindən 27 Sentyabr 2005
good at sucking dick. likes to suck it. and sucked alot.

a natural pro.
I wish i had a tida to suck my dick.
helloimbored tərəfindən 03 İyun 2009
a druggie.
your such a tida
helloimbored tərəfindən 03 İyun 2009
The white freckley thing with a funny nose
That is so totally Tida
Rachellie tərəfindən 21 Fevral 2007