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A pirate word.
Captain Planet tərəfindən 06 Dekabr 2003
78 8
1. a pirate word.
2. a way of saying "yes".
3. a pirate's way of saying yes.
Mother: Honey, go to bed its getting late.
Daughter: Yargh mother.
em[ily] tərəfindən 12 Noyabr 2008
19 6
an upward smack to the top back portion of the recipiants head. 1)it must contact with the place where the bird nest bald spot usually appears. 2)the pirate must shout YARG at the top of his lungs while performing a yargh
1) if someone was to jank the spare tank of gas from yer motor scooter, you go up to the gas pirate and exclaim 'why i aughta yargh you fer that!'
2)never yargh yer mother
Matthew tərəfindən 20 Fevral 2005
13 37
a word invented by jimi and not jordan which can be used in a context of sarcasm during conversation.
wastecadet: i fucked 50 girls last night

jimi michael tərəfindən 01 May 2008
3 31