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A nickname for someone for whom you feel very intense affection; pertaining to, the ultimate partner.

Also used as: Zoofy
Oh my incredible zoof, I'm so lucky." and "You're my zoof, always and forever
Infinityz tərəfindən 12 Yanvar 2011
A zoof is someone who has absolutley no understanding of the world around them; ignorant; completly clueless
Jack is the biggest zoof on the planet.
Anthony Pratley tərəfindən 13 Sentyabr 2005
To screw up a simple daily activity so badly resulting in extreme embarrassment and even possible thoughts of suicide.
I zoofed it when I took such a bad golf swing at the range, that the head of the driver breaks off outflew the ball.
K. Cox tərəfindən 22 Fevral 2008