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Ass Chaff is the detrius which is flung against the bowl when you fart while shitting. Often acompanied by a loud bowl barker. Often your only hope of warding off a rump ranger or bum ninja ... in this case you hope bowl barking occurs.
1. Dude I blew some serious ass chaff from those taco's at lunch.

2. OMG Jim, I was so drunk last night when the resident ass bandit tried to rape me I couldn't move, luckily for me I was so scared I blew ass chaff when he yanked my shorts down. Otherwise ... I'd have been turd burgled
The Piedbald Wordsmith tərəfindən 25 Avqust 2010

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the bits of toilet stuck in your ass after you wipe it! hehehe
you piece of asschaff
Anonymous tərəfindən 28 Avqust 2003