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BigA - having a rather large penis which is usefull for getting really hot chicks to marry you.
Hi, my name is BigA. Will you marry me?
BigBoy tərəfindən 11 İyun 2004
One who has never experienced the touch of a woman
That guy is Big A
N. Dave tərəfindən 18 Fevral 2004
Also known as : BIG ALI

a famous arabic / omani Rapper
wooowi BIG A rappin fast nigga

BIG A from tha eastside sta
BIG Aaaa tərəfindən 21 Avqust 2009
A girl with huge tits.
Damn that girl is such a biga shes got built in air bags.
Kiexeo tərəfindən 06 Fevral 2013
A code word for alcohol, used mostly by teenagers for a sense of stealth.
A: Are you bringing any Big A to the park this Saturday?
J: Yeah, i have a couple bottles.
buttdoctor101 tərəfindən 27 Oktyabr 2011
AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
Anne was shooting heroin and wound up with the big A.
pentozali tərəfindən 03 Oktyabr 2010
big a or big ass is a respected lady who has an enourmous ass. her ass is so big it would take 10 minutes just to get around her.
Ed: Look there goes a chik with a big ass
Me: she is such a big A