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A tactical approach in multiplayer PC & video games where one uses any means available to get ahead. Camping, spawn-killing, attacking & hiding, or any other tactics displaying a complete lack of honor, integrity, and character in battle. A final tactical insult involves suicide by grenades or any explosive device in a cowardly attempt to bring others down with you to score some kills.
bitch·tac·ti·cian, n. One who is acquainted with, or skilled in, the ways of bitch-tactics
Lounge Three Dot Com tərəfindən 21 İyun 2007

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bitch camping gamer halo halo 2 multiplayer spawn-killing video games
In the multiplayer version of the game halo, when you are being chased by someone and you know your gonna die, you throw a grenade at the ground and kill the both of you's (usually doesn't work on above-average halo players)
man you always use the bitch tactic, when are you gonna get your own points?!
johnathan gibbs tərəfindən 05 Yanvar 2004