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1. nasty; gross; not having proper etiquette

2. trifling or ratchet
"Look at the girl picking her nose."
"I know. That is so boog."
KeezyOnTheTrack tərəfindən 01 İyul 2012
a body board or a term used by many body boarders or beach goers, meaning: body boarding.
oi man..goin the boogs this arvo?
kookykyle29 tərəfindən 17 Oktyabr 2008
It is the truncated diminutive form of "Boogie", which is sometimes used in conjunction with a lover's first initial. To create a nickname of the form __-Boogs. For instance if you had a lover named "Jason", you would give him the nickname J-Boogs.
We are just 2 "Boogs" in a "Boogs" pod.
C-Boogs tərəfindən 31 Dekabr 2011
Someone who has smelly feet and big toe nails,somestimes doesn't wash.
Jamie,Tramp,What do you want from me ,The howler Boogs
diesel100 tərəfindən 14 Oktyabr 2007
A humerous mode of transport
Look at that little old boogs driving down the street.
DanTheMan tərəfindən 15 Dekabr 2004
dirty leecher
Anonymous tərəfindən 26 Yanvar 2003
A term of endearment for you boyfriend, short for booger. Also can be used interchangeably with goob.
Thanks for making pancakes this morning Boog.
Em-dizzle tərəfindən 05 İyun 2007