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The best boyfriend ever. He tells you how beautiful you are, always wants to do stuff with you, and calls exactly when he says he will. He is really cute, and he gives the best hugs ever.
Girl 1: I love my boyfriend!

Girl 2: Me too! Mine is such a brantley.
ladygagasbestfriend tərəfindən 05 Aprel 2010

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one of the sweetest kindest guys on the planet. he is the kind of guy that is so easy to talk to even if you dont know him very well. he shows you that he cares and he is tall. hes got really pretty eyes and a super deep voice. he makes my insides melt with just one look.
Oh my gosh lucky Brantley's such a sweetheart!
snowflake_show_girl tərəfindən 21 Oktyabr 2010